Executive Producer, CEO

Chris Sciarra has successfully owned and operated his own construction company since 1985.   For over 3 decades he’s built, and helped homeowners meet their (often thought) unreachable goals. Since 2010, he’s restored and promoted events for Live entertainment in venues from The Winery at  St. George, to The Westchester County Center.   In an effort to expand even further in the Industry,  Mr. Sciarra formed CRS Productions, under which he co‐produced the play “What’s Eating You” in New  York City.  Productions & sets for PBS television, Daydreamer Productions, Maxum Records, and *Al  Hamberger & The Loft Recording studio followed (*Chris and Al collaborated on The Paramount  Theater’s first military veterans to support our troops).  The list of clients benefiting from Mr. Sciarra’s promotional services includes Vinny Pastore,  Jessica Lynn, Tony Darrow, and Clem Caserta.   He’s most recently partnered with music producer and film maker Darrell Lawrence of AJA Live,  Inc. and Seismic Entertainment in New York City.  They’re now engaged in producing and managing music for artists, scouting new talent, and directing episodic television.