Through a careful analysis of customers and the music industry itself, AJA Music & Film Productions identified an unsatisfied core group of customers likely to purchase a certain type of Maverick product if it were produced above average, and readily available.

The Film and Record industries have gone through a major transformation from turning out a single “big name” product to a multi-faceted industry with infinite growth potential.

Since the formation of the Independent National Producers in 1990, many independent record companies are free of the obstacles that prevented them from attaining commercial success. Independents today are able to distribute their products on a national and international basis without disparate regional distribution systems offered by the major record companies.

Aja Music and Film Productions were formed to capitalize on an alternative distribution system, as well as the many new market opportunities that are available as a result of the rapid advancements in technology.

The goal of AJA MUSIC & FILM PRODUCTIONS, NY is to obtain a quite achievable 52% return on gross investment on an annual basis and to establish the company as a leading manufacturer of multimedia products among independent companies during future years with unlimited income potential.

– Darrell Lawrence

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